Sandblasting Painting

Group Focus

Our technical staff can complete the most demanding projects regarding sandblasting/painting inside our facilities or abroad.

Blasting Items

We are able to blast items such as tanks, structural steel, bridge decking, fleet trailers, heavy equipment, pipe ID & OD, rail cars, and OEM items.

Also, we are continually expanding our expertise and capabilities, while maintaining our reputation for quality, service and safety. We are constantly exploring ways to improve our systems and progress. So we can be competitive and offer economic benefits to our customers and provide timely deliveries.

To sum up, we are the experts that understand your needs. Group Focus understand you seek quality workmanship. We understand you seek dependable service. We understand you want to deal with a business where a promise is a promise and results always exceed expectations. Also, we have a hard earned reputation as a leader in the Sandblasting and Painting business because we understand our tools, our trade, and your needs.