Experienced Personnel Rental

Group Focus

Group Focus can provide you with experienced personnel when it comes to work in the fields of the high demanding sectors of oil & gas and power plants.

Over the years, we have developed a range of services. So we can offer you the specialized group of people you need for each project. Our experienced personnel are highly trained.

Regarding the needed expertise we can provide you with all kind of specialists all over the world. Some of these are welders, sheet metal technicians, helpers, piping foremen, engineers and many more.

Our goal & commitment

Our goal is to provide our customers with services that cover all their requirements. This is why we continuously train our personnel in new technology trends and utilize the knowledge of our experienced technicians.

Our commitment is to carry out each task consistently with the work schedule in the most satisfactory way possible.

Also, our company's fundamental commitment is to develop the knowledge, experience and efficiency of our executives. That is why we are investing in our people through continuing education and development opportunities.

We always want to ensure the quality of our projects. So, firstly, we use experienced and trained engineers, foremen and workers. And secondly, credibility, specialization and accountability is what characterizes cooperation with contractors and suppliers.

To sup up, our biggest investment capital is our experienced personnel. The core and soul of our efforts is the common goal of quality service and respect for the customer. The harmonious co-existence of our people, teamwork and co-operation creates a solid team that is ready to give itself better in every job it undertakes.