Heat Exchangers

Group Focus

With our staff’s expertise and our extensive collection of special tools, Group Focus can execute heat exchangers mantling and dismantling fast and safely.

About heat exchangers

An industrial heat exchanger is a heat transfer equipment. In particular, it is the process of heat energy exchange between two or more products at different temperatures.
Industrial heat exchangers are applied in various industrial applications.

Within industrial plants and factories, heat exchangers must keep substances at a safe operating temperature such as machinery, chemicals, water, natural gas and other substances.

In addition, plate heat exchangers are used wherever thermal energy has to be transferred from one fluid to another. The advantage is that they can maintain the fluid temperature at a very low and stable level.
Also, we provide specialized heat exchanger mantling and dismantling and testing services worldwide. As a result, we can effectively and economically return your heat exchangers to peak performance.

Group Focus continually develops methods that enable a large extent of inspection and maintenance with minimal reaching time. Also, Group Focus can perform all operations in our workshops.

To sum up, Group Focus focuses on the needs of each client separately.