Pressure Vessels

Group Focus

Group Focus specializes in the prefabrication and installation of pressure vessels of any kind of material. According strictly to the international standards of the particular sector.

Highest quality

We provide high quality equipment and services to a variety of industries such as petrochemicals (Oil & Gas), gas treatment, gas processing, vacuum technology, chemical, energy, waste treatment and ecology.

Also, we provide prefabrication and installation solutions. Our engineers can help you find the perfect pressure vessel design to fit your production needs and expectations.

If you do not know which materials are ideal for use and their properties you can always ask for help from experts.

Group Focus will help you choose the right material, based on your requirements.

Certainly, Group Focus is such an expert who can guide you in selecting the ideal material for your industrial pressure vessels.

To sum up, Group Focus has followed its mission to provide to customers the highest quality product and best service.