Marine Repairs

Group Focus

Group Focus’ staff possesses the know how to execute successfully marine repairs in small and medium ships, specializing mostly in sheet metal and piping replacement and sandblasting/painting.

Underwater engineering

Group Focus operates a fully equipped machine shop facility. We mainly deal with services such as welding, piping system fabrication & repair, sheet metal fabrication & installation. In addition, structural plate fabrication & welding, custom machining services, and boat & shipyard services.

In addition, our wet welding team is composed by qualified welder divers. They can operate in all fields of underwater engineering. Also, have extensive knowledge in the oil and gas, shipping, marine and civil engineering industries.

Our underwater experts can also perform dry underwater welding. When high quality welds are required because of the increased control over conditions which can be exerted.

Our team specializing in sheet metal and pipe replacement and sandblasting. They are certified and are capable of performing any kind of work. Mostly, all aspects of the construction, installation and maintenance of piping, sheet and sandblasting on all types of systems.

In conclusion, we managed after years of maintenance and repair of boats to have friends and not just customers!